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From this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid long​ queues
  • Design great looking badges
  • Create new sponsorship opportunites

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What's inside the Guide?

When it comes to on-site registration and badge printing for events there are plenty of options to choose from. Printing name badges and managing last-minute registrations is tireless work for event professionals.

Thanks to technology and digital transformation within the industry, there are plenty of options to save yourself from burning the midnight oil and smoothly manage updates and on-site registrations on demand.

In this guide, we look at various options and how to implement a badge printing solution that suits your event requirements. Read the benefits and FAQs for each name badge printing option. Learn about pre-printing, on-demand and self-serve options and which might suit your event and budget best.

person scanning attendee ticket on mobile device

Choose a solution that suits your event and budget

Export to PDF and print
at a commercial printer

Scan or look-up attendees at rego desk to generate badges

Welcome attendees with premium self-serve kiosks with multiple check-in options

Tips and tricks for streamlining your check-in

The guide includes use cases and considerations pre-event and on-site

How to avoid queues

No one wants to wait when they arrive at an event, this is your attendee’s first impression, so make it count.

Badge design tips

Show dynamic data based on unique profile details. Include colours to differentiate exhibitors from attendees and icons for VIPs or dietaries.


Cloud-based event technology platforms like the Entegy Suite can integrate with registration platforms through advanced APIs.

Conferences, exhibitions, festivals, small meetings, networking events use the Entegy Suite for name badge printing.

"We print the labels on the spot, any changes can be taken immediately"

"We used to print the name badges in advance and plasticize them. If visitors arrive now, we print the labels on the spot at the counter. Any changes such as a different job title can be taken immediately. You can also register on the spot."

"The process was a big hit with our attendees"

“The process was a big hit with our attendees, the scan to print aspect speeds up registration wait times and makes for better user experience”

Luke Rowohlt, Events Manager - Esri Australia

Learn how to design great looking badges

You don't need expensive design software to create your name badges

badge creator editing options

badge printing at registration desk

Get the guide to name badge printing for events.

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