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The Australian events industry is worth $30 billion annually, and organisers are increasingly turning to technology to deliver more engaging events.

  • Entegy
    Across Australia over

    37 million

    People attended more than 412,000 Business events in 2013-14*

  • Entegy
    Entegy experienced


    Growth in new events in 2015-2016

  • Entegy
    2015-2016 saw


    Growth in new Entegy clients

*Source: BECA: The Value of Business Events to Australia 2013-14

The Entegy Suite is a powerful event communication and engagement platform.

Streamline communication with flexible mobile and web apps. Strengthen attendee engagement with social gamification, networking tools, live audience polling, Q&A and chat room style discussion. Simplify logistics through multi-use attendance tracking, lead generation, registration and self-serve badge printing kiosk software.


From Dublin to Darwin The Entegy Suite is used by events worldwide. Increasing demand means we are seeking new Partners to fill gaps in the market.

Entegy’s Partner Program delivers like no other partnership

It’s not just about great software, we are equally as passionate about empowering and supporting our partners.


Why partner with Entegy

Your success means our success. We invest in you, because we’re in this together.

  • Entegy


    • New revenue streams
    • Increase sales margins
    • Reach more clients
  • Entegy


    • Add to your existing product offering
    • Deliver complete end-to-end solutions
    • Earn revenue through project facilitation
  • Entegy


    • Integrate your existing technology with the Entegy platform
    • Access other specialised service and products
    • Deliver complete end-to-end solutions

White label solutions

Offer a consistent brand experience to your client and develop your unique offering.


Find out what we can do for your business.

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Who's a good fit

We have several program levels to suit your business goals with benefits and opportunities to grow and expand. Our Partner and Referral Programs offer numerous opportunities with various benefits to match.

  • Entegy

    Event Producers and Agencies

    Event organisers, PCOs, web development or marketing agencies Become a full-stack service provider Sell end-to-end or package Earn revenue for extra services

  • Entegy

    Ticketing and Software

    Existing product, platform or service Deliver complete end-to-end solutions Earn revenue for extra services Offer out-of-the box outcomes

  • Entegy

    Technologists and AV

    AV and production companies, technical support or IT solutions Expand your offering Earn extra revenue for on-site support Connect with other Partners for hardware

Autonomous or assisted

Our partner admin allows you to fully self manage your projects or access our network to create more holistic technology and hardware solutions.


How Entegy supports your business

We have proven success growing businesses from the ground up and transforming established companies.

  • Entegy

    Partner Admin

    • Self manage
    • Create multiple projects
    • Quoting estimator
    • New products, features and updates
  • Entegy

    Knowledge Base + Resources

    • Comprehensive training resource
    • Videos
    • FAQs
    • Email and phone support
  • Entegy

    Partner Success Team

    • Enablement through training and resources
    • Marketing campaigns and white labelled content
    • Sales collateral, demo and leads
  • Entegy

    Partner Directory

    • Advertise your services
    • Find services to facilitate your project
    • Immediate exposure to event organisers
    • Inclusion in marketing campaigns

Becoming an Entegy Partner is simple

  • 1

    Register your interest

  • 2

    Aquire training and accreditation

  • 3

    Tailor your custom offering

  • 4

    Deliver remarkable event experiences

Now is the time to take on the events industry

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