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At Upstream Events, we are passionate about helping clients find tech solutions to build sustainable and engaging events. Using the Entegy Suite, Upstream offers a client-focused approach that combines technical competency with user-friendly technology. Our professionalism and attention to detail allows our clients to focus their attention on event planning, while Upstream seamlessly incorporates our tech with the event. Upstream Events offers remote assistance leading up to and during your event, and we pride ourselves on swift responses and flexible solutions. Our capable team will streamline your event from start to finish.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable solutions to the traditional event model with customized event tech that enables our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. From badging options to lead capture, and everything in between, Upstream Events can help you think outside the box to encourage sustainable practices at your event.

Upstream Events is focused on creating rewarding and meaningful experiences for your attendees. We understand how engagement can increase ROI for organizers, sponsors and participants. Let Upstream help you choose and roll-out the features that are right for your event. Real-time polling, interactive Q&A, and gamification are just a few of the features that can make your next event remarkable!

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    • User-friendly technology with competent tech support
    • Passionate and committed to sustainable events
    • Client-focused with excellent customer service
    • Proven strategies to increase attendee engagement
    • Fully skinnable app to maximize event and sponsor branding

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