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Introducing an end-to-end event technology suite that utilises the combined power of the Eventbrite & Entegy platforms to deliver an industry leading attendee experience.

Automate the flow of registrant data into the Entegy Suite

Connect your site within minutes

    What we do

    How it works

    Automates the flow of data between both platforms

    Why use the Eventbrite Integration

    • Convert interest into commitment faster with a simple, two-step event registration process
    • Understand event performance in real-time, including marketing effectiveness
    • Generate more revenue from your database with seamless connections

      How it works

      Connecting Eventbrite + Entegy

      The platforms can be connected within minutes, with new registrant data to instantly available within the Entegy Suite.

      • Create your Eventbrite event and setup your Entegy project
      • Complete the integration wizard on the Entegy Core
      • New registrant profiles are instantly available for use in the Entegy Suite
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      Delight attendees and grow your revenue with a flawless onsite experience

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