The WOW! factor.
Every customer comes to us looking for the WOW! Factor. Luckily, since 2001, we have learned what it takes to create the WOW! Factor. We craft dynamic presentations that enable you to deliver your message with power and confidence. Each presentation gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with your audience. At Audience Alive™ we understand you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so we want your presentation to realise its full potential.

What we do
Have you ever sat through a slide show and found yourself judging the person in front of you based on his or her presentation?
Have you thought to yourself: Did nobody validate this person’s presentation before they delivered it? Every day someone, somewhere, sits in a talk and thinks: Do I deserve this? Do I need to sit through another ‘Death-by-PowerPoint™’ presentation?
We believe you deserve better and we have your back. We believe in bringing your audience to life with more engaging PowerPoint™ and other live-response tools.

Our Team
We talk, build and deal in presentations. We have crafted over 25,000 slides for companies around the world and have saved countless lives from ‘Death-by-PowerPoint™’. We secretly smile every time we see another engaged audience. We are kind of like superheroes that work in the dead of night to create powerful presentations, then leave you to reap the rewards. We know the feeling you get when asked to make a presentation. We have seen it all, heard it all, felt the pain but are here to help you succeed!

    What we do

    Why choose Audience Alive

    • Our entire focus is digital –and cross-platform – and our team is always exploring new technologies to give your next event a competitive edge.
    • For any type of event, our mobile event app can transform the attendee experience, turning attendees into ambassadors and making your event more popular.
    • For events that are more traditional, we can supply Autonomous keypad solutions.
    • We’re presentation experts who are trusted by the worlds top brands.

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