Kiosk Launcher V2 is now available! Read the full update log below to see all new features, upgrades and bug fixes that the newest iteration introduces.

Installation instructions and download link to the new software can be found here on the Knowledge Base. If you experience any issues installing or upgrading to Kiosk Launcher V2, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Entegy Support (

Printer Support:

  • Kiosk and BadgePrint will now support most printers [To date: Epson TM-C3500, Dymo labelwriter and Bixolon SLP-TX420 have been tested].
  • Error handling has been added for generic printers that are not run through manufactures SDK’s.

Increased Input Validation:

  • More checks have been added to support the increased use of plugins.
  • Kiosk manager asset validation has been increased.

UI/UX Changes:

  • Kiosk Launcher UI layout changes made to both home screen and settings page.
  • Kiosk Launcher now has the ability to check peripherals such as printer connection, scanner connection and network connection. Making it easier to set the printer settings for both the kiosk and verify that the printers connected are running and being validated by the kiosks internal checks.
  • Kiosk launcher now has a network connection speed check, this will provide an average download speed of the machine’s network.
  • Improved kiosk keyboard will now reflect visual changes when the machines display settings or orientation have been changed.
  • Kiosk now has event project validation, informing the user about missing assets supplied by the Kiosk Manager through Entegy core.
  • Kiosk administration menu UI updates.
  • Dynamic layouts on both Kiosk and Launcher to have a more uniform appearance across window sizes.

Entegy Installer Update:

  • General performance enhancements and optimisations to installation, re-installation and uninstallation processes as a whole.
  • Installation health checks made at the end of the process to notify users of a potential problem with the install.
Posted on : December 10th, 2018
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