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Eventbrite On-site Registration Suite

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Introducing our On-Site Registration Suite, powered by Entegy.

End-to-end event technology that utilizes the combined power of the Eventbrite & Entegy platforms to delight attendees and grow revenue with a flawless on-site experience. Built to meet the needs of business events including conferences, meetings, conventions, consumer and trade exhibitions, incentives, corporate networking and training events.

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The Eventbrite On-Site Registration Suite is designed to achieve three objectives essential to event success.

streamline communications, strengthen engagement, simplify logistics

Streamline communication with flexible mobile and web apps. Strengthen attendee engagement with gamification, networking tools, live audience polling, Q&A and chat-room style discussion.
Simplify logistics through attendance tracking, lead generation for exhibitions and sponsors, registration and badge printing software.

suite of products

Consisting of a set of powerful products that work independently or together, the Suite delivers remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.

  • We mainly relied on the app for our programming and communicating to our attendees, as we didn’t really print that many schedules. Going digital with accurate information updated in real time was a big plus for us.

    Mei Seva
    Unrig Summit, Nashville

Deliver exceptional attendee experiences with the most flexible, adaptable, ever-changeable event platform on the market.

Flexible, beautiful event apps

  • Beautifully designed and easy to use for attendees
  • Extensive branding & sponsorship opportunities
  • Powerful schedule features and flexible content layout
  • Instant push notifications
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • Multiple deployment options

Engaging networking and gamification

  • Enable attendees to connect and communicate
  • Provides powerful options to incentivize attendees
  • Earn points and achievements
  • Lead the leaderboard and win
  • Safe and secure activity feed and commenting
  • Direct and group messaging

Boost session participation and drive discussions

  • Live audience interaction with snap polls and voting
  • Q&A with question upvoting
  • Live discussion feed
  • Add a quiz for further engagement and show results by demographics
  • Sponsorship and branding opportunities via display screen
  • Moderate everything via an easy-to-use facilitator panel

Simplify logistics and achieve all your event goals with multi-session attendance tracking, on-site badge printing solutions and exhibitor and sponsor ROI.

Exhibitor and sponsor lead capture

  • Lead Retrieval app for mobile lets you scan attendee badges to create new leads
  • Answer qualifying questions, rate and take notes on the go
  • Quick export to email for CRM upload or follow-up campaigns
  • View insights into exhibitor ROI through measurable engagement
  • BYO means no additional hardware costs or user limits

Real-time attendance management and insights

  • Multi-session attendance tracking
  • Ingress management
  • Generate, analyze and respond to statistics at any time
  • Create rules for entry and controlled sessions
  • Attendees can see attended sessions in the event app

On-site badge printing solutions.

Design your badges in the CMS, then choose from a variety of printing options to suit your client’s needs and budget. Export to PDF and pre-print at a commercial printer or print on-site.
on demand

Scan and look-up attendees at registration desk to generate badges

  • Convenient for last-minute registrations and changes
  • Print labels for fast printing and specialized card stock
  • Quick set-up and easy to use
  • Secure and flexible, staff can update records and edit on the go
  • Combine with USB scanner to find profiles quickly or look-up by name

Welcome attendees with premium self-serve kiosks

  • Attendees print their name badge in seconds
  • Use kiosk touch screens to enter unique access details to print badge or scan QR code
  • Match to event theme with colors, graphics and branding
  • The Kiosk Companion web app enables registration staff to search, preview and edit attendee profiles live and reprint badges
  • Easily manage queues by choosing which kiosk to print badges
  • Monitor new registrations and attendee arrivals live
  • We used to print name badges in advance and plasticize them. Now, we print labels on the spot.
    Any changes can be made immediately.You can
    also register on the spot.

    Buma music in motion
    Romy Tiemens
    BUMA Music In Motion, Amsterdam
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