Event tips

Curating a next level event program

This guest post is by Peta Moore, Managing Director of Nectar Creative Communications Peta Moore, Managing Director of Nectar Creative Communications entered the events industry in 1996 and has been unstoppable since. Peta founded Nectar in 2008 to help event organisers create engaging conferences and corporate events that inspire, motivate and achieve measurable results. Recently...
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On-site badge solutions for events

Pre-printing badges and managing last-minute registrations is tireless work for event professionals. Do you spend hours printing and sorting attendee badges or get stuck on the day with a long line to update incorrect details and manage on-site registrations? Thanks to technology and digital transformation within the industry, there are plenty of options to save...
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Enhance your event communication

Are you looking for new ways to drive early registrations, get more app adoptions or gather feedback for your event? You’re in the right place – planning a timeline and content for your event comms can be a huge task, this guide is packed with plenty of actionable tips to apply to your event, no...
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How to get the most out of your event feedback

Why is event feedback important? Feedback is one the most important elements for an event organiser. Feedback holds the key to a healthier, more enjoyable and better received version of your event. Event organisers of strong, future-proof events make effective use of their attendee feedback to constantly improve the quality and reception of their event...
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5 tips for a great event app user experience

App structure and the organisation of event information makes the difference between a great and average user experience. Here are our 5 tips to enhance your app! Organising general information There is plenty of  information to communicate to attendees via your event app Schedule Speaker, sponsor and exhibitor lists FAQs Directions and accommodation Notifications Contact information...
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