Case Study: Western Australian Education Corporate Services Staff Association

2020 has been a challenging year for events and connecting with one another, but not for the Western Australian Education Corporate Services Staff Association Inc (WAECSSA). With the help of Evise, WAECSSA was able to not only proceed with their August conference, but host what was dubbed by delegates as “the best conference ever!” 

WAECSSA is an association for staff that manage administration and corporate services in Public Education. Based in the vast but isolated state of WA, many members are distanced from one another and get few networking opportunities. The annual conference brings members together from across the region to learn from experts — and each other. 

By introducing an app powered by the Entegy Suite and the expert support of Evise to their conference, WAECSSA was able to:

    • Streamline the AGM voting process with incredible efficiency
    • Provide tangible ROI for exhibitors and sponsors
    • Inspire and activate engagement among delegates
    • Host interactive, live presentations with virtual speakers across the country
    • Collect data to improve future events and programming
    • Reduce paper waste and the event’s carbon footprint

The results

300+ Delegates attended

96% Of participants had an active app profile

2,500+ Leads captured across 39 exhibitors

53,000+ Total page views from enthusiastic users

Instant, anonymous polling and data collection

In previous years, the AGM has eaten up a large chunk of time at every conference for WAECSSA. The voting sessions took a long time to get through and didn’t provide the best experience for delegates, who would prefer to be learning or networking at sessions. 

Using Entegy’s Interactive Sessions feature in the app, the AGM voting process went digital for the first time. The Committee and members were blown away by how quickly motions were voted on. Data could be pulled from the app instantly, creating an immediate record of results which met WAECSSA’s legal requirements. 

“All registered members were able to vote anonymously and instantly at the AGM, — a big departure from the old ‘hands up and let’s count method of voting! This one action has allowed us to provide a better experience for members while saving an invaluable amount of time and effort.”
Sonia Nelson, Vice President/ Public Relations, WAECSSA

Tangible ROI for sponsors and exhibitors

In previous years, WAECSSA was unable to provide a tangible measure of ROI for their event participants — something they wanted to change. 

To activate engagement from the audience, the team at Evise developed a ‘treasure hunt’ feature within the app. Exhibitors and sponsors provided questions about their business in the app, which were used to create a game for delegates. To answer the questions and go into the draw to win prizes, delegates had to visit exhibitors and interact with staff during a one-hour treasure hunt session. 

Using the Lead Capture functionality of the app, the 39 exhibitors captured over 2,500 leads. By encouraging delegates to scan their badges at displays, exhibitors were able to receive contact details and qualify leads right within the app. 

“The Evise app enabled our delegates to interact further with each other and our event sponsors — a great outcome for everyone involved.”
Sonia Nelson, Vice President/ Public Relations, WAECSSA

Immersive, trackable attendee engagement

With few opportunities for delegates to meet in person throughout the year, there is a huge social element to the WAECSSA conference. The Attendee Connect feature and activity feeds were a huge hit among delegates, providing a fun and private way for attendees to connect throughout the event. 

Instead of requesting feedback from delegates after the event had ended, the app allowed WAECSSA to capture live feedback right from the app. Kylie explains, “By making feedback as simple to give as possible, the event saw an increase in responses compared to previous years. Overall engagement with the event increased, as well as engagement between attendees, as delegates made use of the app’s features to network amongst friends.”  

When engagement takes place within an app, it generates powerful data. As well as collecting vital feedback, Entegy’s Attendance Tracking was used to scan badges at each session. By monitoring real-time attendance of each session, organisers can determine the popularity of topics and themes. This will be used to improve future programs based on the needs of their members. 

“So impressed being able to download speakers presentation”

“Loving the app, such a smooth start to the conference. Registration was a breeze.“

“These interactive sessions are awesome!” 

“What a great way to hold an AGM by using this app. Simple and effective. SO easy. Loved the voting. Shows what event apps can be capable of.”

Feedback and comments from conference delegates

Creating memorable event experiences

“Kylie and Jade were exceptional in their assistance on our first-time introduction of an app and instrumental in helping this event become “the best conference ever!”. We are very appreciative of their professionalism and also their willingness to share their expertise and experience in all areas, not just the technology side.”
Sonia Nelson, Vice President/ Public Relations, WAECSSA

With over 30 years combined experience managing large-scale corporate, association and medical events, Evise Directors Jade Pearce and Kylie Clarke lead a savvy, solution focused team, up to any challenge. 

During an event with hundreds of people on-site, there is little room for error. Introducing new technology can be a bit nerve-wracking for event organisers and they need to know any potential issues can be resolved quickly. This is why Evise offers innovative event technology solutions combined with expertise in project management, strategy, and content development. 

To find out how Evise can transform your conference into a memorable event experience for attendees and partners alike, contact us on (03) 9016 3332 or drop us a line at