Introducing Sessions Live Streaming via the Web App

Deliver a captivating virtually-hosted event with more value by enabling software designed to suit your needs.

Keep your audience engaged through Interactive Sessions while hosting your event online. Give attendees an opportunity to interact with each other, ask questions and participate in live polls as well as take part in group discussions. An interactive schedule accessible through the web app allows for quick and easy access to live sessions. 

Allow speakers to create captivating content while presenting by using live polling, showing segmented results using attendee demographics – all on one screen.

Live stream from your preferred service

Choose any stream service provider that can generate a live HLS stream, for example, MUX.

Features of Sessions & Live Streaming

Live polling

Speakers can directly interact with the audience by creating a multi-choice, star rating or yes/no questions – these can be created on the fly or be pre-setup.


Attendee discussion feed

Delegates no longer need to be in the same room to interact with each other, live discussion feed allows them to debate the session while it is happening. Sharing ideas and information in real-time.


Ask a question

Give your delegates a voice – allow session attendees to post questions during or prior to the session.  Delegates can choose the most interesting or relevant questions by voting on which should be addressed by the speaker. Questions can be easily displayed on the screen simultaneously with the speaker or be transformed into a polling question.


In-app note taking

Allow attendees to take notes during the session without the need of jumping to another window. All notes are attached to the session and stored in the app.


View and download session information and resources

Upload abstracts, documents, files or links to external sources and have all the information and resources easily available in one place. You can also stream a pre-recorded session or record a live session. This is all accessible through the web app so attendees can watch the video at any time.


Let our dedicated Partner Success Team help you with your first Session Live Streaming!

Our experienced staff will guide you step-by-step to find the best solution for your event. We also have online guides available through the Knowledge Base, which will answer any questions you might have about the setup of our products.

If your project requires more hands-on support, Entegy prepared a Partner Services Support Package. We will help you to set up and deploy Live Streaming with Interactive Sessions for your event.

The Support Package Includes:

  • Project scoping and requirements
  • OBS: product setting and configuration recommendations
  • MUX or Zoom (or another streaming provider): setting up a live stream
  • Core configuration: embedding your live stream to the Interactive Sessions
  • Testing

Not included:

  • Project, content or data creation or manipulation
  • Improvised or makeshift solutions
  • End client or speaker contact or support (speakers training)
  • On-site support during event


  • Project Management: $150 per hour

Base Package (5hr package):

  1. Scope (30-45 mins)
  2. Basic training (30 mins)
  3. Test/Practice Call (1hr)
  4. Project MGT (3hrs)

Additional hours charged at $150 exc. GST.


*price per event
*pricing estimation based on complexity and requirements of the project


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