Introducing Wayfinding & Interactive Floorplans

Entegy introduces Wayfinding & Interactive Floorplans. Enable attendees to navigate your event including exhibitions, session rooms and points of interest and importance.

We have plenty of experience working with events to create interactive maps to assist in navigation, one of the first projects to use this functionality was the Brisbane G20 Summit in 2014. Until now, the feature has required custom development. We’re pleased to announce a user-friendly wayfinding editor is now part of the Entegy CMS and available for your next event.

Combined with our beautifully designed and easy-to-use event app, event professionals can provide attendees with superior user experience and personalisation with powerful in-app features.

interactive map in event app

Features of Wayfinding & Interactive Floorplans

Upload your floorplan/s to the Entegy CMS and use the wayfinding editor to plot exhibitors, rooms and other points of interest. Supports multi-level floorplans and provides step-by-step directions.

wayfinding editor in entegy cms
The wayfinding editor in the Entegy CMS is easy to use and updates can be made in real-time


Attendees can view the floorplan/map via your Event App and tap on exhibitors, rooms, plenaries and POI’s to find out more.

Navigate easily by searching, browsing a list of locations or scanning a QR waypoint to select a start and endpoint. Bookmark locations of importance, or exhibitors to visit.

exhibitor shown in app on interactive floorplan
Search, browse or scan a QR waypoint to get directions


Include exhibitor logos, booth numbers, and links to more detailed exhibitor pages within the app. If used in conjunction with Lead Capture, attendees can view which exhibitors they have visited. 

exhibitor list in event app
Exhibitor’s that have been scanned show a green tick


Highlight sponsors or premium exhibitor booths with additional branding on the map or logo list.

sponsor marked on floorplan
Highlighted sponsor on floorplan with logo


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