Case Study: Women in Healthcare Leadership Symposium Florida

The American College of Health Care Executives Central Florida (ACHECF) hosted the second annual Women in Healthcare Leadership Symposium at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in November 2019. The Symposium saw 236 healthcare professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs gather to connect with other women in the industry, grow their professional network and be a catalyst to diversify healthcare leadership.

Event Snapshot

November 7, 2019
Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Sea World
236 delegates
Technology: Event App
Entegy Partner: Upstream Events

Symposium goes paperless

Entegy Partner, Upstream Events delivered the technology solution which included an event app with integrated schedule and speaker information, sponsor pages, feedback forms and social media links.

The client reached out to Upstream 12 days prior to the event, looking for alternatives to printed schedules and feedback forms. With limited resources, a volunteer workforce, and an extremely short timeframe, the client needed full support to accomplish their objectives.

Nate Torres, Symposium Co-lead explains how they wanted to go paperless and manage updates on the fly, “I wanted to have a completely paperless experience for the event. For the 1st annual event, we had numerous changes to speakers and the agenda and had a hard time with printing over 270 sets of documents that were 10 pages.  Not only that, but it was heartbreaking to see the large quantity of packets that were left on the table by the participants at the end of the event. So much stress for what appeared to be low value for the participants post the event.”

ACHECF case study

Full-service project management and support

Upstream Events provided complete project management and support throughout the event. Jeff Hamm, Managing Director at Upstream Events explains how they created the app in the short time frame and managed updates as required.

“The client had limited opportunity to learn how to use the CMS, and at the final stages of preparation for the event, too many other priorities to be able to efficiently produce a fully functional app. We helped them focus on just the missing pieces keeping the overhead of an event app to an absolute minimum,” Jeff said.

“Excellent communication was key to quick turn-around on gathering the assets. We kept up with last-minute changes in real-time, adding new exhibitors, revising the agenda and amending feedback forms on-the-fly right up until the start of sessions. Then, on the day following the event, statistics and raw data were provided to the client for their review and analysis.”

Finding the right suppliers can be hard work, Nate explains how Upstream Events were a perfect fit, “I was extremely stressed in finding the right vendor.  Jeff from Upstream Events was easy to work with. He had amazing follow-up skills and delivered on what he said upfront. If I sent him a text or an email, he always followed up immediately. He also counseled me on how to maximize the app for my user’s experience…especially on the budget that we had for the event…since ACHE of Central Florida is a non-profit, all-volunteer organisation.”

delegates in-session at ACHECF

The features go above and beyond expectations

This was the first year the event implemented an app and Nate believes it significantly helped with engagement, “This was the first time and I was nervous. I was going to use a self-service build app but my volunteer team could not figure it out.  Upstream helped solve my problem of delivering the highest quality experience for our participants. It definitely upgraded the user experience. We were able to include all the speaker decks on the app, our mandatory surveys for national submission and on-the-fly changes to the agenda on the day of the event (we ran behind schedule in the first couple of sessions).”

Communication tools and feedback surveys were also of great value to the client, “As the event organiser, I enjoyed the tailored messages that I can send the participants via the app tied to my agenda and directing folks.  I also really liked how the agenda sessions were tied into the speaker’s bios, decks were included and the surveys were tailored per session,” Nate said.

delegates in session at ACHECF

Return on investment for sponsors

Sponsors were promoted with in-app banners and a listing which Nate says encouraged attendees to reach out via the app, “It did help give more exposure to sponsors which was nice! I had some sponsors donate some of their services to the event. Post the event, I received some emails from those sponsors that they got a couple of leads from the event. The meeting participants did not stop by the booth during the event, but they followed up afterward because of the content that was in the exhibitor/sponsor section of the app.”


100% app adoption
10,452 pageviews
711 feedback forms submitted
Most unique page views: Schedule and notifications. Indicates almost 100% reach for two most critical components.

ACHECF were thrilled with the app and support from Upstream, “I liked the entire package.  Also, I really liked that I did not get one complaint from my attendees. Which to me, speaks volumes because no one ever gives you a high 5 when something works the way it is supposed to work. I credit Jeff and Upstream Events for seamless support, communication, and high-quality product,” Nate said.

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