Case study: Australian HR Institute provides an interactive experience for delegates

2,400 human resources professionals convened on the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) for the four-day Australian HR Institute (AHRI) National Convention and Exhibition in September 2019.

Entegy Partner, Evise provided an intuitive technology solution to simplify processes, deliver the complex program and interactive content, enhance networking opportunities and encourage exploration of the exhibition hall.

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16-19 September 2019
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
2,400 delegates
125 exhibitors
60 speakers
42 presentations, 5 streams of content


A robust program with 60 speakers, an innovative trade exhibition with 125 exhibitors and a powerful technology solution that ticked all the right boxes, combined to create Australia’s largest HR convention and exhibition.

The Manager, CPD Events at the Australian HR Institute explains the value and impact of the convention. “The benefits include a high level of exposure for the Institute through the promotion and delivery of the event, a large professional development opportunity to our professional members, networking opportunities, new connections to related businesses and organisations (via the exhibition), direct engagement for AHRI with members and potential members.

delegates of AHRI conference

The HR Institute’s technology brief called for a solution to provide networking opportunities, manage and deliver program content, simplify various processes, distribute and gather information relevant to the event and encourage delegates to interact with exhibitors.

Kylie Clarke, Director at Evise says the team delivered an impressive solution that included the full Entegy Suite as well as extensive on-site support and collaboration with three other Entegy Partners. “Based on our client’s goals and the complexity and size of the event we suggested the solution which included the App, Attendee Connect, Interactive Sessions, Kiosk Manager, Lead Capture, Attendance Tracking, Registration and Badge Creator.

“We provided comprehensive on-site support for the duration of the AHRI Convention and built a passport competition into the app.” she said.

On-site the Evise team set-up an App Help Desk to assist attendees with app-related questions, monitored and drove exhibitor adoption of lead capture, managed notifications, program amendments, regular statistics and adoption reports.

Evise also worked with the BCEC audiovisual staff to operate live polling and Q&A sessions; assisted Arinex with registration data integration and liaised with CrowdComms who were supplying the badge printing kiosks and on-site kiosk staff.

The Evise team on the app help desk


Providing ROI to attendees and maintaining a reasonable event budget was outlined by the client. “The challenges are attracting a large contingent of delegates (primarily due to the time commitment and high price point), attracting visitors to the exhibition, uploading current registration data against our own CRM and delivering the event within a reasonable budget.

“Every delegates’ perspective of ROI is different; therefore, our challenge is to fulfil everyone’s expectations and requirements. This requires creating a balanced program that offers high caliber content, networking opportunities, exploration of the exhibition hall and time for social activities and recharge.”


The digital passport competition proved to be a big hit. The Manager, Commercial Sales, Australian HR Institute explains there is some hesitation amongst attendees about being scanned as they don’t want to be spammed, however overall the majority (64%) were happy to participate.

delegates using the conference app

“Attendees were prompted when they qualified for the competition by the number of times they had been scanned. This was more successful this year as even attendees who were unaware of the competition were still given the opportunity to participate.”

After switching from another platform, the client said “feedback on this year’s platform was the best we have seen. Most of the exhibitors and sponsors leveraged the lead scanning and overall 7,900 badges were scanned.” 

  • 95% of exhibitors used the lead capture app
  • 64% profiles captured
  • 7901 leads scanned

AHRI exhibition

The event app was also well-received, with 99% of attendees rating the app satisfaction as ‘satisfied to very satisfied’.

The client noted moving to digital has had mixed feedback however it’s superior in many ways “It’s always going to be chalk and cheese, having a hard copy over a digital, but a change in societies’ expectations and acceptance of a shifting norm will see this change. A full-page overview of a program is always easier to visually digest and comprehend than a comprehensive list on a small screen, but the additional functionality of the digital program is superior in many ways. I think a balance is needed to work to every audience.”

AHRI app

To encourage further uptake of the event app they used QR codes to prompt attendees to access more information “In the past our delegates have been reliant on the printed on-site guide, which provided all the information they needed. To combat this, we removed various information and provided a QR Code, prompting them to use the App for more information. In addition, there was a push to use your check-in code within the App upon arrival.” This latter requirement assisted in the large uptake of App users before or upon arrival to the event.

AHRI plenary session

  • 2,167 App Downloads
  • 135,505 Page Views
  • 52,310 Unique Views
  • 745 Total Messages Sent

Feedback from event team

The client said the Entegy Suite was easy to use and the interactive elements provided greater opportunities for delegate involvement “The interface, program, speakers and exhibitor listings were easy to use and effective in the App itself. Having a few different display configuration options meant our varied program and filters could be used to affect.

“The interactive elements were good and shifting all questions via the App provided more opportunities for people not comfortable getting up and enabled us to keep them all post-event.”

They also commended the Evise team on their high level of service and knowledge “The Evise staff were very accommodating with their time and knowledge in assisting us to achieve our objectives. This extended from the initial consultation through to the final data extraction. It is important to us as a small organisation to have this personal and responsive level of service.”

Feedback from delegates

“The app and the network hub were all fantastic – it was great receiving updates as the day went on.”

“What a brilliant App designed for this conference.”

“The app was fantastic – I ran my schedule out of it, took all my notes in there and participated in session polls, etc, all from my phone! So much better than carrying a ton of paper around.”

“I loved the ability to ask questions”
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