Entegy partners with AudienceAlive to bring its technology platform to events in the Middle East


Event software platform Entegy has partnered with AudienceAlive to bring its end-to-end event technology suite to the Middle East.

AudienceAlive is an experienced digital agency specialising in presentations and speaker training for over 19 years.

The Entegy Suite, including mobile apps, engagement tools, audience response, attendance tracking, lead retrieval, registration and badge printing solutions is now available to events in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

AudienceAlive Founder, John Quinn says “At AudienceAlive we are all about the Audience at events. It costs a lot of money to organise an event. Not just the cost of a venue, the cost of planning, and the cost of travel. It matters if an event is successful. It’s surprising that very often; every detail of an event is planned, except for the audience engagement. AV systems are planned, rooms are booked, printing is done everything runs smoothly. But often the audience are expected to attend the event passively without engagement.

“At AudienceAlive we believe that attendees should be participants; actively engaged and involved in the event. AudienceAlive is excited to announce its partnership with Entegy to add the latest app-based engagement to your events.”

Ian Apuli, Entegy CEO, says the partnership with AudienceAlive is a fantastic opportunity to bring the platform to events in the Middle East.

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to partner with such a dynamic and successful team. AudienceAlive will offer notable value to our partner program, and provide Middle Eastern events with world-class services.” Said Apuli.

entegy and audience alive logos over photo of Dubai