Platform news: Entegy CMS refresh

Post by Ian Apuli, Entegy CEO

At Entegy, we take great pride in our product and creating consistent and outstanding experiences for our partners, event professionals and attendees.

This is why I am excited to announce a project our team has been working on for the past few months – the Entegy CMS refresh.

To ensure our platform and brand are part of a seamless experience we have created a bible to follow, not simply a style guide, but an experience system.

entegy experience system book

The experience system has been carefully concepted and tested by our UX/UI team to ensure performance and cohesion across the platform and white-labelling of partner brands.

Stage 1 of the CMS refresh has been released to platform users this week. While it may look like a simple coat of paint on the surface, underneath we are preparing for a handful of exciting product upgrades throughout 2020 and beyond.

To get the ball rolling, we have made some small changes which form the foundation, including:

  • Updated menu bar placement for improved workflow and user experience.
  • Simple and consistent form fields and buttons.
  • Modern device previews to ensure app design is adequate for current smartphones.

entegy cms before and after

Menu and project information

  • Top bar menu has moved to the left-hand side of the project menu. This includes the help, account and the search.
  • Project information including icon and number is visible at all times at the top of the main menu.

menu and project info

Form fields, buttons and cards

  • Form fields and buttons have rounded edges to enhance the design and ensure consistency throughout the interface.
  • Cards have lost shadows and borders to create a cleaner, less cluttered visual aesthetic.

entegy cms showing form fields

App appearance preview

The app appearance device previews more accurately represent current smartphones.

app apperance

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months.