Productivity and automation hacks before, during, and after your event

As we get closer to the end of the year it’s a good time to de-clutter and optimise workflows. As event professionals, we know how important time saving is and have created a short and sweet blog of our favourite productivity and automation hacks to save you time before, during and after your event.

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Before the event

The challenge
Drive early ticket sales and deliver important information to registrants via email campaigns. 

The hack
Automatically add people to your database and send them an automatic email campaign. 

If you have the budget tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo will help you set up automation workflows for your campaigns. However, if you’re just looking for a simple option and free option, MailChimp can be just as efficient. Check out this article by G2 which helps you to compare over 400 CRM software options.

Step 1. Use Zapier to automatically add people to your database in MailChimp from your website, ticketing platform or other CRM. Zapier integrates with more than 1500 apps including MailChimp, HubSpot, facebook leads and google sheets.

Step 2. In MailChimp, create an automation campaign.

Step 3. Plan your email content:

Here are some examples of a series of emails to send people that have signed up to your mailing list or attended a previous event:

  • The announcement: let your contacts know when the event is and the location.
  • Speakers or performers: your carefully curated program is a key draw-card for potential attendees. Introduce speakers or performers early on, including professional photos and short bios.
  • Program: for business events, this can be a sneak peek of what’s included in the agenda – highlighting sessions, streams, workshops, and social activities. Giving this insight can help potential attendees decide if the event is right for them or convince their boss to give them the time off work.
  • Registration/ticket sales open: Let potential attendees know they can purchase tickets. Offer an early-bird discount to encourage early adoption.

Examples of automation for registrants

  • Confirmation: confirm details and dietary requirements after purchase: Although this may seem minor, this touch of personalization enhances the customer experience tremendously.
  • Basic event details: closer to the event, remind attendees of registration times, what’s included in their fee, if they need to book into any additional sessions or social functions, etc.
  • Event app: tell them about the event app, why they should download it, and how to download it. 

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During the event

The challenge
During the event, you likely won’t have time to sit down and send attendees information.

The hack
Schedule announcements and reminders as push notifications or SMS in advance. 

Step 1: Write down the type of announcements you’d like to send in advance

  • Daily welcome and close messages 
  • Call for feedback – submission forms for sessions, breakouts, speakers, or overall event feedback can be attached to push notifications
  • Sponsorship messages
  • Transportation information

Step 2: Create a schedule with proposed times for announcements making sure not to bombard attendees with too many at once.

You may have some ad hoc such as weather forecasts, changes to scheduled sessions or ticket sales for additional sessions/breakouts/workshops.  

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The challenge
As an event manager, you have a multitude of tasks and responsibilities to maintain that increase in intensity prior to and during the event.

The hack
Keep event staff connected and information at their fingertips by using a communication tool like Slack, What’s App or event your Event App.

Step 1: Empower your team by sharing the run sheet and allocate responsibilities accordingly so that everyone knows who’s in charge of what.

Step 2: Important documents on policies, procedures, schedules, and briefings should be available to staff so they can access on the go.

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After the event

The challenge
Collating and transcribing data from paper surveys and printed exhibitor passport competitions.

The hack
Gathering data digitally not only gives you real-time data and insights it will also save you time post-event transferring data from paper into spreadsheets.

Digital surveys via your event app or online, making it much easier to evaluate data and create reports. Check-out our guide to event survey questions.

Exhibitor passport competitions via your event app allow you to monitor progress in real-time, let attendees see their progress and prove ROI to exhibitors with reports. Read how a food and drinks event went from paper to digital for their event. 

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Some other tools to make your life easier!

Project management

Asana, Monday or Trello

Social media Scheduling

Buffer or Hootsuite for social media posts

Time tracking

Toggl or Harvest

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