Case study: BUMA conference Amsterdam + Eventbrite onsite registration suite

Entegy Partner, Eventbrite offer the full Entegy Suite with automatic integration to the Eventbrite platform for a seamless registration and onsite experience.

From smooth check-in and sustainable badges to online networks and real-time insights, Eventbrite in conjunction with BUMA Music In Motion Amsterdam, provided its visitors with the ultimate conference experience.

BUMA Music in Motion session

Dickon Hinchliffe (Peaky Blinders), Bobby Gumm (Frozen, The Great Gatsby) and Frans Bak (The Killing). Do you know them? A bell may not ring immediately, but you probably know their sounds. As composers, they are responsible for the music of the hit series and major cinema films that stand behind their name. At Buma Music in Motion (BMIM) conference, awards and network bash for creative industry professionals, they were one of the headliners. 

At BMIM, knowledge transfer, inspiration, networking and the promotion of Dutch music at home and abroad are central. Well-known composers, producers, sync agents and anyone from the creative industry who wants to do something with music can be found there. The objectives for this 8th volume were ambitious: more engagement, more networking and more added value for the visitor. Read on about how they succeeded in delivering these outcomes.

The visitor experience starts at the registration desk

Previously, BUMA did not have an automated registration system and the badging process was still completely manual. Romy Tiemens, Customer Relations & Hospitality Manager at BUMA: “We used to print all the name badges in advance and plasticise them. We then spread them over a table and when a visitor came in we literally checked them off. If visitors arrive now, we print the labels on the spot at the counter. Any changes such as a different job title can be taken immediately. You can also register on the spot. We then stick the label on the cardboard badge made from recycled paper and attach it to a lanyard made from recycled PET bottles. If there are no shows, we no longer have to throw those name badges away. We are working a lot more sustainably than before!”

person scanning attendee ticket on mobile device

photo of badge with clear dymo label
Badges with clear dymo label, printed using Entegy’s Badge Printing Software

Maximum networking for BMIM visitors with the event app

Networking is one of the main reasons why visitors attend BUMA Music in Motion and thus also one of the organisation’s USPs. BUMA is therefore constantly looking for ways to encourage mutual contact between its visitors and has found that the Eventbrite onsite registration suite contributes strongly to this promise. “Our visitors are already in contact with each other via the app before the event and can also visit each other again via the app after the event. With this app they can now network all year round.”

attendees using event app to view their meetings

But with the Eventbrite onsite app you can not only network better, every visitor gets their own experience by personalising the app. “The app looks nice and it is a real step forward for us and our visitors,” Romy assured us. “Our visitors could compile their personal program in the app. That is something new compared to previous years and really added value. Also that you could see the map via the app was very handy.

three screens showing BUMA event app

BMIM saved time and energy with the Eventbrite organiser app

As an event organiser you always run out of time. Any tool that takes your work off your hands is therefore welcome. That is no different for Romy. “We used the organiser app extensively to look at the number of check-ins. Normally I constantly get 4 or 5 colleagues at the counter to ask how many people are inside. Now everyone could see this immediately through their own login. That saved me a lot of work. “

one on one match making meetings


Even after the event, the Eventbrite organiser app saves a lot of work with the reporting function: “In addition, I always send all our stakeholders an overview of what has been sold compared to previous years. That is actually unnecessary with this function. All data is simply in your pocket and everyone can easily reach it, wherever and whenever you want. ”

Take your event to a higher level, just like BMIM

BMIM mainly used the Eventbrite onsite registration suite to communicate with their visitors in a new way, to better organise their registration and badging process and to stimulate networking.

But the Eventbrite onsite registration suite, powered by Entegy offers more. For example, you can add games to make program components interactive and if you organise an event with sponsors or exhibitors, they can keep track of who they met in the app.

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Author, Carmen Ferrari
Editor and marketer at Eventbrite. With years of experience in the international world of events as an organiser and event marketer, she knows better than anyone what goes on in the head of an event organiser