How to shake up your event sponsorship packages: 2019 Update!

Technology has become a given in the events industry – and while everyone wants an app for their event, the costs involved can often seem prohibitive. But did you know that event technology can actually pay for itself? Better still, many organisers have even used event technology to generate additional revenue.

Event sponsorship is often recognised as one of the most sophisticated, credible marketing strategies which places a brand directly in front of their target audience.

And now there’s a way to create highly targeted sponsorship packages that not only expand upon your event’s sponsorship offerings, but delivers directly to the sponsor’s goals. Read on to up your sponsorship-sales game!

sponsorship offerings

What do your sponsors want?

First, determine what value your sponsors are seeking:

  • Increased brand exposure?
  • To influence and engage with their audience?
  • Drive more traffic to their website?
  • Collect information on their target audiences behaviour and attitudes?

Brand exposure

Let’s start with brand exposure. There are a numerous ways to put your sponsor front and centre with placement of their logo and brand at an event from signage to merch. But have you considered your event technology?

App splash screen

Put your sponsor’s logo in front of attendees as soon as your app is opened.

phone and tablet with sponsor splash screen

App icon and store listing

Perfect for events with a global app/technology sponsor, include your sponsor’s logo on the app icon. Seen in the app stores and on users’ device home screens.

two phones showing store listing


App sponsor list

List your event sponsors in the event app with links to further information. If you have sponsor categories you can group them into sections, for example bronze, silver and gold.


two phones showing sponsor list and sponsor page

Custom icon in the main app menu

Customisable menu icons present an opportunity to give sponsors a dedicated button on the app’s main menu. Put them front and centre and link to their page in the app or to their website.


phone with apps showing sponsor icons


Clickable banners throughout the app

Page banners sit at the bottom of the app menu and content pages. They can be just an image or link to a page within the app or an external website.

sponsor banners on app


Sponsored page headers or program session pages

Sponsors can support a particular session, networking event or piece of content which can be reflected in the app page headers and session icons.

phones with sponsored session images

Interactive sessions welcome screen and sponsored questions or messages

It’s not only the app you can apply sponsorship branding too.

display screen with sponsor message

Kiosk welcome screen

The first opportunity to highlight a sponsor on your attendees arrival is with kiosks. Brand the interface as well as the plinth.

sprintr kiosk with sponsor logos
Sprintr Kiosks


Attendee name badges

Badges including the lanyard is another highly sought after brand placement.

badges with lanyard
Badge design by CrowdComms

Influence and engage with the audience

Provide sponsors and exhibitors with the opportunity to really engage with attendees, beyond brand exposure, with these ideas:

Create an interactive game element, rewarding attendees with points for visiting sponsors’ booths, app page or website.

Incentivise check-ins to sponsored sessions.

Include a sponsored activity feed with welcome message from the sponsor and sponsored posts.

Delegates in exhibition

Increase traffic of drive audience to sponsored resources

Having an event app makes it easy to connect attendees with sponsored resources, encouraging them to take further action and find out more about the sponsor.

Send push notifications and pop-up messages to attendees, directing them to specific sponsored content.

phone with sponsored notification and pop up

Collect information on the audience

Feedback and data from attendees is valuable as an event organiser, but it can also provide insight for sponsors.

Gather information for your sponsors using submission/feedback forms.

Use sponsored questions using live polling.

phone with event survey

Once you’ve defined what your sponsors want, you can create the ultimate custom package exactly for them. Offer a dedicated ‘Technology Sponsor’ or sell items a la carte. Check out our post on writing a winning sponsorship prospectus with free template for more ideas.

Make the most of analytics and tracking data to show sponsors tangible data, which they can use to measure their ROI.

Ready to monetise your event technology? Let’s talk sponsorship potential!

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