Introducing Interactive Sessions app for meetings

Entegy introduces standalone Interactive Sessions app for meetings. Including all the benefits of Interactive Sessions‘ live audience engagement functionality plus added event communications features such as a single stream schedule, note taking ability and push notifications.

Standalone Interactive Sessions is for events looking for a solution to engage their attendees and is perfect for small meetings, AGMs, professional development seminars, internal events and roadshows.

graphic of phone pointing to different features of the app


Feature snapshot

Audience response tools include:

  • Live audience polling
  • Q&A with question upvoting
  • Live discussion for attendees to share their thoughts

Event and communications tools include:

  • Session list to include session and break times
  • Document section to make presentations or resources available to attendees
  • Push notifications to send updates instantly to attendees
  • About page to include overview of the event and any important information
  • Note taking with export for attendees to take their session notes

Modern customisable design

The modern app interface is designed with ease-of-use and customisation in mind, allowing events to apply their brand colours and about page graphic.

phones with different customisation options


Engage attendees in an interactive and fun way

Poll the audience using multi-choice, yes/no, or star rating.

Easily manage Q&A with submitted questions and upvoting. Display highest voted on the big screen.

Attendees can participate using their own device anonymously or logged in. Show segmented results using attendee demographics and profile names with images next to submitted comments and questions.

Open the conversation with live, chat-room style discussion.


3 phones showing interactive sessions polling

Live display

Present questions, comments and graphs that update in real-time.

Show custom messages and promote sponsors.

Highlight with leaderboard for top performing quiz participants.


display screen with polling results

Moderate with dedicated facilitator panel

Preview, moderate, create and push content to user devices and display screens easily from the Entegy CMS.

You can also send attendees push notifications, manage the session list, documents and view results.


person using Entegy CMS to ask audience a question

Instant access

The Interactive Sessions app can be published instantly to an existing container app (event portal).  Attendees simply download the container app to their own device and enter the event code. Participation can be anonymous or logged in with or without a profile photo.

phone showing event portal

If you’d like to know more and access a demo send us a message with some basic details about your event, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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