Case study: community event showcases student learning and encourages engagement through event app

The Oakleigh State School (OSS) in Brisbane recently hosted a community event to enable students to showcase their learning. The Oakleigh STEAM Showcase was a key strategy of their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) agenda. Entegy Partner, Eventium worked with the school to deliver an event app including scavenger hunt, raffle, schedule, map, sponsors, exhibitors and other event information.

Event app shown on mobile device

Event Overview

Nicola Flanagan, Head of Innovation at the Oakleigh State School oversees a widely respected BYO Program, an ever-evolving community led ‘Young Innovators Program’ and is working as part of a team in supporting powerful, inquiry led STEAM learning.

“This event enables the students to showcase their learning. In doing this, we are supporting our teachers to progress further in their journey regarding inquiry led learning and our parents to understand and support the work that was being done as part of this key school agenda.”

The school decided to use an event app to communicate to attendees and manage some of the activities including a raffle and scavenger hunt.

“The event app played a key role as it enabled us to showcase the students work and to communicate with the attendees about the activities involved in the event including a raffle and a scavenger hunt.” Said Nicola.

student with insect house

Engagement through app games and activities

This was the first time the OSS had used an event app for this community event and they worked closely with Eventium to devise a plan to communicate to attendees to ensure high app adoption.

“We had to communicate to people about creating an account which was needed in order for us to gather data and for them to get involved in the scavenger hunt.  This took a little bit of work.” Said Nicola.

The scavenger hunt activity required attendees to find and scan QR codes placed around the event with a list of hints and a progress report in the event app.

Nicola said the scavenger hunt was a huge draw card to engage attendees “I think the scavenger hunt was a really interesting addition to the app.”

OSS also utilised other app features to communicate to attendees and advertise sponsors and exhibitors. Exhibitors and sponsors had a page within the app to showcase their product or service and a list of raffle prizes were advertised plus an embedded raffle webpage to buy tickets.

“The app was attractive as an element of a sponsorship package.  I believe that you need to communicate and share in a myriad of ways and the use of the app is something that can be used to highlight our ability to raise sponsor profiles.” Said Nicola.

device showing event app raffle prizes


Great outcomes for attendees and sponsors

280 Attendees downloaded the app and over 50% of attendees who signed in participated in the app scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt locations were strategically placed at exhibitor booths to encourage attendees to interact with the exhibitors.

Nicola says they are thrilled with the results of the app and are keen to do more with it next year “This was the first time I had used the Entegy Suite. I am certain that it played a key role in the success of the event.

I really appreciated how Eventium was open to us using the app as part of this Showcase event and would love to use it again in the future, utilising its potential in more ways.”


Exhibitors at event


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