On-site badge solutions for events

Pre-printing badges and managing last-minute registrations is tireless work for event professionals. Do you spend hours printing and sorting attendee badges or get stuck on the day with a long line to update incorrect details and manage on-site registrations?

Thanks to technology and digital transformation within the industry, there are plenty of options to save yourself from burning the midnight oil and smoothly manage updates and on-site registrations on demand. So here is a list of recommendations to make badging at your next event a breeze!

Self-serve printing kiosks

Self-serve printing kiosks enable attendees to print their own badge as they arrive on-site. Kiosks are very versatile and suit a number of event types, you may wonder if they will remove the personal meet and greet factor….but a number of event professionals say it actually frees up their team to be available and attend to people requiring assistance.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Perfect for last minute and on the day registrations
  • Great for first impressions as they are professional and tech-savvy
  • Secure and flexible, staff can update records and edit on the go
  • Sustainable – no printing for no-shows


Attendee checking in at self serve kiosk
CrowdComms Kiosks at Your Money & Your Life Festival Event

Pre-printing stock and Dymo labels

Pre-print branded badge stock at a professional print house and use on-site printing software to print Dymo labels as attendees arrive at registration. This allows for cost-effective and fast printing, whilst allowing changes to be made easily on the day.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Cost effective printing
  • Convenient for last-minute registrations and changes
  • Fast printing

dymo labels for delegate badges

The combo: pre-printing badges + on-demand printing at rego desk for changes

Speed up the registration queue with pre-printed badges and avoid the headache of last minute registrations with on-site printing software.  Depending on your event, the number of attendees arriving at one time and the number of on-site registrations – this could be the solution for you!

Here are the key benefits:

  • Convenient for last-minute registrations and changes
  • Consistently professional looking badges


pre-printed badges and printing from rego desk
Inspire On Tour APAC printed their badges on-demand at the registration desk using Entegy on-site printing software


Butterfly badge

The sustainable and fast option – no pouches required. Simply print and fold the badge. Optionally pre-print, use self-serve kiosks or print on demand at the registration desk.

Here are the key benefits:

  • No pouches required
  • Support up-to-the-minute changes
  • Sustainable – no plastic pouches required


graphic of a butterfly style badge

Mobile app badge

Forget conventional badges! Give your attendees a digital badge in your mobile event app.  Go completely paperless with an in-app badge allowing attendees to get all their event information, agenda and networking all from the palm of their hand.

Here are the key benefits:

  • No printing required
  • Support up to the minute changes
  • Sustainable – no paper, plastic or lanyards required

my badge on mobile device

Other ideas for badges

There are plenty of ways to ensure your event badges not only serve a functional purpose but also add ROI for sponsors and attendees.

Make the most of your badges by including sponsor branding and selling badge real estate as an a la carte sponsorship item. Use the power of QR codes to connect attendees with each other, exhibitors and sponsors. There are opportunities to turn this into a game and award points to attendees making connections and scanning exhibitors or certain locations. QR codes on badges can also be used as a method to check-in attendees to sessions.

Attendees connecting via scanning each others badges
Attendees connecting via scanning each others badges at Events Uncovered. Photo Credit: Oneill Photographics


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