How to get the most out of your event feedback

Why is event feedback important?

Feedback is one the most important elements for an event organiser. Feedback holds the key to a healthier, more enjoyable and better received version of your event.

Event organisers of strong, future-proof events make effective use of their attendee feedback to constantly improve the quality and reception of their event and its offerings.

Read on to learn more about what feedback to collect, the most effective and efficient methods to gather data and how to analyse your feedback to make improvements for future events or attract sponsors.

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What feedback is valuable to your event?

So what kind of feedback are you looking for? Have a think about what makes your event unique and what things you exclusively offer to your attendees. Elements such as; overall enjoyment, effectiveness of presentations, cleanliness and organisation and the helpfulness and friendliness of staff are all things to consider collecting feedback for.

The smallest things can sometimes distract from your greatest features, so keep an eye open, there’s always room for improvement. An event is a package and you want to ensure that every element of your event is functioning at its highest quality, and effective feedback will ensure that this is the case.

Event feedback opens the door to a whole world of possibilities for your event. Benefits like improved event quality, increased attendance, new sponsors and more exhibitors are all potential outcomes.

Encouraging meaningful feedback

When a ‘yes or no’ question won’t do, consider new methods to get more detailed and comprehensive responses out of your attendees. Sometimes the best feedback is the hardest to obtain. Aside from a generous few, it’s typical of people to want something in return for writing long and detailed reviews of an event or product and this is best done via incentives. Making it fun and interesting with prizes can really go a long way in enhancing the feedback for your event.

How to make clever use of event app features to get great feedback

Event apps make collecting broad and effective feedback a breeze. Feedback like live session feedback, daily event feedback, and comprehensive feedback can all be collected through your event app. Event apps can also make good use of multiple feedback formats, that may enhance the results of particular types of feedback. And…..think of all the hours you will save in data entry!

Analysing your event feedback

After looking at what feedback is relevant to your event, analyse what this means for your event; is everything of the highest standard? Was there something that attendees didn’t particularly like or understand? There are subtle methods available to those who use event technology to gain a greater insight into this particular issue. Using features such as session tracking and audience participation via live discussions, it’s easy to combine this information with your attendee feedback to figure out why something was so popular or perhaps why it didn’t perform as well as expected.

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Once you’ve finalised your feedback collection, it’s time to organise and analyse. If you’ve collected feedback for multiple areas of your event, start sorting it into its’ respective area and begin taking note of the key elements of each response.

It’s best practice to seek out correlations in the feedback, if the majority of attendees find they didn’t enjoy a particular seminar, start to think about how to make it more appealing, there’s always room to grow, take time to consider how you will improve on your event through feedback and make it the best it can be! Always make effective use of your feedback.


Feedback is important, and making sure that feedback is relevant and asks the right questions of your attendees will ensure that your event will grow and see more positive responses in future. There are several types of feedback and many formats which feedback can be collected from, depending on your purpose.
Evaluating your event via your feedback is the best method for a direct improvement to your event and the reception of your audience. Feedback is highly valuable data to an event organiser and it holds the key to unlocking the path of growth for your event.

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