5 tips for a great event app user experience

App structure and the organisation of event information makes the difference between a great and average user experience. Here are our 5 tips to enhance your app!

app user experience

Organising general information

There is plenty of  information to communicate to attendees via your event app

  • Schedule
  • Speaker, sponsor and exhibitor lists
  • FAQs
  • Directions and accommodation
  • Notifications
  • Contact information

When organising general information prioritise and group information to give the most valuable content priority on the main menu.
Content like the schedule, speakers, attendee list and notifications should all be placed on the first page of the event app. This content is commonly a high priority to event app users.

Linking content

The main menu is for priority information and key sections. Not all content in an event app needs to be linked directly to the main menu icons.
Use sub-pages or internal page links to avoid confusing users with too many icons.
Use a sub-page to display exhibitor or sponsor tiers. These tiers can then link to specific exhibitor or sponsor lists.
Internal link
Use internal links on content pages to link to additional or related content.

app example showing linked pages
Use sub-pages and internal links to improve navigation and keep important main menu icons to a minimum.

Page layout options

Content can be displayed in various ways to improve navigation and visibility.
Styled sub-pages
Use images or graphics to create a visually appealing list. This has a premium look and feel and can be used to highlight sponsors.
Format content pages with header styles, line breaks and clickable links. Highlight important information with quote boxes and introduce individual sections with a header to make them stand out.

app example showing subpages
Formatting and styled sub-pages will improve your apps look and feel.


The key to a good app design is relevance and consistency. Ensuring that your design flows naturally from page-to-page is crucial.
Menu Icons
Create custom main menu icons to fit with the overall design of the event app or conference theme. Highlight certain icons in a different colour or shape for sponsorship or important information.
Integrate banners into your design to extend functionality ‘Tap here to log in’ or simply use banners to advertise sponsors.

app example showing main menu with key icons only
You can be creative with menu icons.

Smart Content

Display targeted content to users based on profile information. Consider how your event registration data could be used to improve functionality for each attendee or group.
Do exhibitors run to a different schedule than attendees? Only show relevant information to attendees and exhibitors. You can even set-up a private run sheet or schedule for event staff only.
Create unique surveys for exhibitors, attendees, sponsors and speakers.

smart content app example
Personalise app content based on your attendee’s profiles.


In summary, there are plenty of tools to customise your event app and create a better user experience for all!

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