Are event apps still relevant? Part three – empowering the event organiser

In this final instalment we discuss how event apps can empower the event organiser as the third component of an integrated technology suite, along with some trends on the horizon.

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In case you missed it:
Part one – rewarding stakeholders.
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Empower the event organiser

App analytics are a fantastic resource for future event promotion and measuring event success during the various phases (pre, during and post event).

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Event organisers can seek out valuable statistics – from registration, leading up to, during and post event.
Look at your dashboard for stats to help you understand what’s happening in real time such as:

  • Percentage logged in
  • Number of direct messages sent
  • Most visited exhibitors
  • Sessions of interest or number of attendees engaged via messaging or social feed

Post event analytics will help summarise your event’s success and are essential for your prospectus. This is how you will gain more sponsors, exhibitors and attract attendees to future events.

  • Number of clicks on a sponsor banner
  • Number of comments on a speaker or exhibitor page
  • Views and click-throughs on sponsored pop-ups or notifications
  • Post event survey results

Event apps can help organisers streamline their communications to attendees, make last minute changes to a program or gather valuable feedback from attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

“There are often last-minute changes to the program of speakers and topics, and it’s difficult to change a program that has already gone to print!  Having an electronic copy, that can be refreshed, and the ability to notify delegates of key changes is a vital element to the success of an event”.

– Kate Miller, Director of Chilli Fox Events

What’s the future for event apps?

The next phase in the evolution of the event app is on-demand information. A single source of communication to make event organisers lives easier and to keep everyone in sync. Apps place critical information in the hand of the attendees, but this won’t guarantee 100% coverage.

Look at a solution that is bigger than just an app. Other aspects of app functionality such as wayfinding or exhibitor search to self serve kiosks allows everyone to access the same features and information. Display screens around a venue can share relevant information such as updates, popular exhibitors, upcoming sessions, leaderboards, social media style comments and images.  
Technology for events is a very exciting space to watch, in particular a more personal experience for attendees. With the rise of AI and machine learning event apps will help attendees completely tailor their event experience and suggest connections, sessions to attend and more.

A database of profile demographics is only as good as the input data, but with AI profiles could be developed into a much more usable resource. It could help event organisers gather better insight into what attendees want, what they thought of the event, the registration process…every aspect of the event lifecycle. Only to improve and ultimately attract more attendees for the next event, or similar events.

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We hope this three part series has inspired a more holistic and creative approach to implementing your event technology. There is a lot of pressure to use the latest and greatest, shiny and new technology but its value is worthless without a strategy behind it. Keep coming back to your event goals and use your event technology to achieve these, make your job easier and make you look like a rockstar in the process.