Introducing our biggest Lead Capture update ever

We are excited to reveal the first look at our latest iteration of Lead Capture. Filled to the brim with exciting new features, this release is our biggest to date.

screenshots of lead capture app dashboard and lead

The Benefits:

For exhibitors and sponsors:

Maximise ROI by instantly converting booth visitors into meaningful, qualified leads. Lead Capture integrates with real-time attendee data; allowing you to view, manage and export the most up to date information about your leads at any time. What’s more, you don’t even require an active internet connection.

For organisers:

The modular features of Lead Capture can be activated or locked down at any point in time – either ‘globally’, or on a exhibitor-by-exhibitor basis. This allows organisers to create a solution which suits the size and scale of their event, or add value to event sponsorship/exhibitor tiers. In the Core, new tools and reports give more control and insight than ever before.

What’s new:

Design and Interface

With the latest iteration of Lead Capture comes an entirely overhauled exhibitor app, built from the ground up with a focus on user experience.

  • Sleek and intuitive design
  • Instant insights via the dashboard
  • Skinnable solutions tailored to each event
  • In-app tutorials for first time users

lead capture app on phone showing dashboard view

Qualifying questions and ratings

  • One of the most heavily requested features for Lead Capture is the ability to survey and rate each captured lead.
  • Qualifying questions can be set globally with optional editing or additions by each exhibitor
  • Drag and drop form builder with options for text entry, star rating, checkboxes, multiple choice and date responses
  • Rating system allows identification of most promising leads

phone with lead capture app showing rating a lead

Team members

  • Each exhibiting organisation profile now supports individual user accounts
  • Unique and secure login credentials for each user
  • Greater accountability with options to export leads captured by individuals or whole teams
  • Unlimited user accounts that can be registered at any point in time

phone with lead capture app showing lead profile page

Improved functionality

  • Better offline support allowing exhibitor team members to take notes and qualify leads without internet connectivity
  • Improvements to overall responsiveness and performance

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