Streamline your event communications

A key strength of event technology is the ability to communicate instantly with your attendees. However, with so much to deal with on event day, communication can often fall behind more pressing matters.

By planning and scheduling your communications ahead of time you’ll be able to concentrate on running the event with the peace of mind that important information in being relayed to delegates when they need it.

illustration of megaphone and communication icons

Here is our guide to streamlining your event communications.

What needs to be communicated?

Make a list and work out what you will need to communicate with your attendees and what can be scheduled in advance. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Changes to scheduled sessions
  • Weather forecasts
  • Daily welcome and close messages
  • Call for feedback – submission forms for sessions, breakouts, speakers or overall event feedback can be attached to push notifications
  • Lost property
  • Sponsorship messages
  • Promoting ticket sales for additional sessions/breakouts/workshops
  • Transport information

What is the best channel?

Now you have your list, it’s time to decide what the best channel is for that message.

1. Push Notifications

Send instant notifications via the Event App, they can be used to direct users to further information or simply act as an announcement or reminder.

  • Can be queued to send days, weeks in advance or can be sent instantaneously
  • Can be sent to categories of delegates, tailored to a target audience
  • Can be used to redirect to specific pages, especially useful for sponsor advertisements or schedule changes

Tie your Push Notifications in with your social media communications plan. Messages/statuses posted to social media profiles can be replicated via Push Notifications… and if you are utilising the Attendee Connect element, the same can be done via the Activity Feed. Offers further exposure to your key messages and broadens your potential audience.

phone with a notification on the screen

2. Pop-up Messages

These in-app messages appear as users navigate the app, a great way to give information where it’s needed.

  • Great for welcome messages, usage hints and tips or sponsorship collateral
  • Work similarly to Push Notifications, but rather than being sent directly to a user’s device they are triggered upon accessing a particular page i.e welcome message upon opening the app for the first time, or sponsorship advert when opening the schedule

3. SMS

Send an SMS to attendees with their app login or ticket link for quick on-site check-in.
It’s best to send these shortly before the event, if received too early it’s likely users will forget where the message is and not have it ready for when needed.

woman receiving an sms on her phone

Get Planning!

We’ve added a handy template below to help plan and automate your communications.
View the template.