Entegy welcomes design services to the Ignite Network

The latest edition to our Ignite network is Sue Waterson owner of Max Gecko Design. Sue has over 20 years print and digital experience and brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the network.

Welcome Max Gecko to the Ignite Network

Sue is trained and knowledgeable with the Core and all the Suite’s Elements, and has worked with Entegy for 10 years. Sue’s approach to design and client service is the same as Entegy and we have many happy clients working with Sue to achieve beautifully designed event apps, attendee name badges, kiosk interface, interactive session splash screens, EDMs and download landing pages.

“Sue is fast, efficient and has great attention to detail, I would highly recommend her”

– Suzie Badcock, Eventium
Have a print item you need designed? Sue can also help with your print collateral needs.

A little bit about Sue

How did you become a graphic designer?

From a young age I have always known that’s what I wanted to be. At school I did work experience at various design and signage companies and completed a Bachelor or Visual Arts before landing my first design job in Alice Springs over 20 years ago.

What’s your favourite font and what’s your least favourite?

Font selection depends on the type of project and it’s application but my all time favourite would have to be Proxima Nova, it comes it a huge range of style and is easily suitable for most applications. Least favourite, comic sans – no explanation necessary.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love its crazy deadlines and countless chances to transform ‘thoughts’ into ‘things’. I thrive on the therapeutic ‘just rightness’ of styling up a massive document so that everything aligns. I also live for the free form creativity of designing an absolutely ‘out there’ logo. There is no bigger buzz in the life of this graphic designer than opening an email that says, “The design is above and beyond what I could even imagine was possible. I am stunned. I am seriously lost for words, it is fantastic.”

Describe Max Gecko in 5 words?

Actually… we’re all about you

Need design for the Entegy Suite or print collateral?

Get in touch with Sue, who can help seamlessly integrate Entegy Technology into your event brand.
email sue@maxgecko.com.au  
or give her a call on 0418 181 242