Increasing ROI for exhibitors

Digital passports are an interactive and fun way to encourage attendees to visit your exhibitors. Passport competitions aren’t a new concept, however there are many different ways to run them, depending on the scale of your exhibition.

graphic showing hand with a phone scanning multiple exhibitors for passport achievement

Read on to find out how two of our clients used digital passports to deliver great results for their exhibitors.

1: Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Exhibition 2017: 6500 delegates, 420 exhibitors

Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Exhibition from above
Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Exhibition 2017

Event overview

The Australian Pharmacy Professional (APP) Conference boasts Australia’s largest pharmacy trade exhibition with over 420 stands. The 27th annual event saw 6500 Pharmacists, pharmacy owner and health-related industry professionals meet at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Exhibition 2017
What strategies can event organisers use to incentivise attendees to visit stands at larger exhibitions?

Passport Competition

What strategies can event organisers use to incentivise attendees to visit stands at larger exhibitions? Catherine Vo, Event Coordinator for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia shares how they planned the biggest Exhibition in the event’s history.

The competition required attendees to visit and scan 20 locations around the exhibition using the Event App. By participating in the competition delegates went in the draw to win an attractive prize – $10,000 all-inclusive luxury holiday.

Catherine explains the challenges involved with delivering ROI to exhibitors in a large exhibition “The real challenge is getting the traffic flow to the far right of the exhibition, that’s why we implemented the passport competition to draw traffic in that direction.

“There were too many exhibitors to do booth by booth so we positioned about 15-16 of them to the far right of the exhibition and only placed a few where it is already busy.”

APP also included other incentives around the exhibition to encourage delegates to stay longer including a pamper lounge, relaxing break areas, photo booths and meeting pods.

attendees smiling at camera in exhibition

The Results:

2,295 App Downloads
151,325 Pageviews
20,444 leads scanned with the Lead Capture exhibitor app

Catherine says they were happy with the adoption rate for the first year running the competition. She anticipates this will improve for future events as awareness increases “I image for next year and the following year there will be more of an uptake.”
Overall APP found the Entegy software easy to use “It is a good product, very user friendly and easy to navigate” says Catherine.

2: Interdepartmental Accounting Group Conference 2016: 500 delegates, 13 exhibitors

Event overview

The annual Interdepartmental Accounting Group (IAG) Conference, held in November 2016, saw 500 accounting, finance and governance professionals gather at the Gold Coast to hear from business leaders, industry experts and see what’s on offer from their boutique industry exhibition of 13 exhibitors.

exhibitor scanning attendee's badge

Passport competition

Alan Williams, of the IAG conference committee explains how they improved exhibitor and sponsor ROI.

IAG incorporated a digital passport competition into their Event app and used Lead Capture for the exhibitors to instantly gather leads on their own device.

At previous events IAG had used a more conventional form of passport competition. “We used printed cards which need to be stamped at booths” explains Alan.  “Using the app meant attendees had to engage with the sponsor representatives and allowed the exhibitors to record contact details together with notes directly to their device.”

To promote the competition IAG planned a series of communications including emails, reminders during sessions and a prize draw incentive.

The Results

1940 scans – leads for exhibitors

83.3% of exhibitors agreed that the digital passport encouraged interaction with attendees.  

The App combined with select Entegy Elements was a perfect compliment to the event. Alan explains “it was quite intuitive! Having the agenda on the app was very efficient and the ability to live poll delegates for sessions was a strong selling point.”

Alan says they are keen to build on interactivity at their next event “We’d like to build on what we learned last year and add even more information, functionality and interactivity into the app”

Feedback from Exhibitors:

“It was great, the scanning app was super functional”
“A good way to capture follow up actions with delegates post Conference”
“A great ‘non-paper’ tool. A leap forward!”  

Key takeaways

Prizes or extra points in a leaderboard competition can be strong incentives for participation.

Communicate to attendees and exhibitors about the competition in advance, make sure they download the app and know how to participate.

Digital passport competitions can be run in many different ways to suit your event. Ask us for ideas, or get in touch to find out how you can improve your next event with tech.