Event technology: taking the leap

Event technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. No longer just trendy or nice-to-have, event tech is expected as part of the event experience.As an event professional, with a number of options and providers, how do you know where to begin?

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The answer is to start small… but with a purpose.

What is your biggest challenge? What products exist to help meet your event requirements? Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so pick one goal, nail it and then go from there.

Here are a few tips and insight from one of our clients, The Eventful Group, to explain how you can start small and build an impressive tech component gradually.

Learn the ropes

Event technology can improve attendee experience and assist with almost every aspect of event operations. When choosing where to start, look at what your attendees are wanting. Have they provided feedback from previous events? Also look at areas of your operations which could be simplified or improved in efficiency.

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The Eventful Group started working with Entegy in 2016 and has since used the Entegy Product Suite with several of their events. Stephanie Sandbrook, Marketing Manager of Eventful says their delegates wanted a better app experience and more functionality.

After working with app suppliers from the US and then a mobile website, Eventful made the decision to switch to the Entegy Event App and Kiosk Management software. Stephanie explains they were excited about the opportunity to integrate both technologies – the App and Kiosk “The multidimensional functionality of the Entegy Product Suite is what is so interesting for us.”

Entegy and their Kiosk hardware partner, Sprintr worked closely with the Eventful group to ensure a smooth roll out at their events.

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Stephanie says they were initially concerned the Kiosks would de-personalise the registration process, however it has had the opposite effect “the Kiosks are intuitive and fast, we can focus more on meet and greet”. She says they have received very positive feedback from delegates who are “expecting this technology” at their events.

The Eventful Group’s first Entegy App received a great adoption rate of 83%, which Stephanie says is “far exceeding the industry average.”

After running several events with the Entegy Suite, Eventful have simplified their processes and are increasingly using more of the products, such as Attendee Connect. Stephanie says the Activity feed has increased engagement for the community of attendees and loves how comments can be made on sessions and sponsor pages as well as the main feed “the multi-communication, makes it an all-round great receptacle”. She also adds that Gamification has “added a different dimension to engagement” at their events.

Stephanie appreciates that the Entegy Product Suite is easy to use and says “the dashboard is very intuitive and we are almost self servicing.”
Eventful’s most recent event, the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest, received an app rating 4.6 out of 5 from over 400 delegates.

So where to start?

We recommend starting by solving the most obvious needs. For example if you want to:

Communicate to attendees in real time…
Start with an app

Improve your exhibitor and sponsor ROI…
Start with Lead Capture

Track attendees movements for CPD…
Start with Attendance Tracking

Enhance audience engagement…
Start with Interactive Sessions

Growing organically

When do you know it’s time to add more elements to your event technology? In our experience, this process is organic. Once you are comfortable with the platform, you start to discover its capability – and this is where the fun begins.

Most people are actually surprised at how easy the system can be, not to mention the immediate cost and time benefits it delivers.

Our products are designed to help the techno-novice to the advanced, but we never let you go it alone.

It’s time to jump on board and enjoy the ride!

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