Why your event needs a Web App

As clients and attendees become more technologically savvy, the demand for digital at events continues to grow. Like it or not, apps are an essential component of meetings these days and delegates have increasingly high expectations of their app experience.

But what if attendees don’t have an Apple or Android phone? Or no smartphone at all?

That’s where a Web App comes in.

Also known as HTML5 Apps, web apps ensure all attendees have access to your event information and social features, regardless of their device.

The simplest explanation for a Web App is a ‘website’ version of the native app. Attendees can log into and engage with all app activity via a personal desktop or laptop. The system is cloud-based which means all information is perfectly synchronised – so nobody need miss out.

When to use a Web App

Web Apps can be used to complement any event, but there are some areas of use that have proved most valuable:

  • Corporate meetings – where attendees will be more likely to have laptops
  • When apps contain many documents or lots of text – gives attendees access on their laptop or desktop before or after the event
  • As a backup for the native app – for attendees with Windows Phones, Surfaces, Laptops and so on.

What to look for in a web app

Not all web apps are made the same. Here’s what to consider when comparing web apps.

  • Functionality – does the web app have the same features and functionality as the native app?
  • Usability – is it well designed? It doesn’t matter how good it is, if it looks bad or is too hard to use it’s going to turn users away.
  • Security – Does the web app offer SSL and have the ability to password protect or allow users to log in?

Should I have a native app or web app?

Well the answer is, both.

Native apps (built for iOS or Android) make the most of device’s hardware while web based apps often cannot. Things like accessing the device camera, sending a push notification to lock screens etc. need to be developed specifically for the type of phone or tablet.

Native apps and web apps are complementary options that provide event attendees easy access to valuable event material.

Web apps perfectly complement your native app, providing peace of mind that your event attendees have easy access to valuable event material, regardless of their device.

Entegy’s Web App Gets a Makeover

We’ve added more functionality, made vast improvements to design and usability and best of all – still free with the Event App.

What’s new? Glad you asked!

  • A complete overhaul of the UI to improve usability and engagement
  • Support for the Attendee Connect’s activity feed and gamification functionality
  • Smart redirect support, used to change the app’s content based on profile data
  • Ability to link to specific pages, meaning you can send or embed links to any page in the Web App, be it a welcome page, survey or anything else
  • Improved security now using https connection
  • Improvements to direction and location linking
  • Links to Interactive Sessions from within session pages.

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