Eventbrite integrates with Entegy

We are excited to announce the inclusion of the Entegy Suite on the Eventbrite Spectrum.

Like us, Eventbrite work hard to deliver an event technology solution that delivers a seamless attendee experience, while giving organisers tools to make their job easier.

As a part of this effort we have teamed up to automate the flow of data between our platforms. The result is an end-to-end event technology solution that saves you time, while giving your attendees a best-in-class experience that utilises the latest in event technology innovation.

eventbrite and entegy

Melbourne, Australia – Thursday 25th May, 2017
Eventbrite, the world’s largest ticketing and event technology platform with nearly three million events each year, and fast-growing Australian event suite, Entegy, have integrated to create the conference and exhibition event sector’s most powerful and broad-reaching, end-to-end event management solution.

The integration, which can be accessed through Eventbrite’s open API platform, Eventbrite Spectrum, will launch first in Australia and New Zealand. The collaboration will provide an unparalleled opportunity for conference and exhibition event professionals to streamline communications, drive stronger engagement, and simplify the logistics of running an event – all from their event dashboard.

eventbrite integration

The integration allows event organisers to create an event on Eventbrite and, using Eventbrite Spectrum connect it to an account in Entegy’s core operating system to transfer attendee data in real-time. Attendee data drawn from Eventbrite is seamlessly fed across the Entegy Suite, which includes best-in-class event apps, social and networking functions, live audience polling, Q&A and discussion, multi-session attendance tracking, digital exhibitor lead generation, and innovative touch screen kiosks for self-serve on-site name badge printing.

The combined solution delivers a first-rate attendee experience, while giving organisers more insight than ever before on who their attendees are, when they arrived, where they went, what they thought and who they visited at their event.

Phil Silverstone, General Manager of Eventbrite Australia and New Zealand, says the integration with Brisbane-founded Entegy was a natural fit and heralds a new era in the conference and exhibition event industry.

“Millions of people around the world use Eventbrite to support event promotion and ticketing. Through our partnership with Entegy, we now enable event organisers to take the contact data generated through our system and deliver the next level of event experience.  Entegy is a world-leading event technology founded here in Australia, and we believe the collaboration will assist more event organisers to maximise the outstanding technologies available to support events and improve attendee experiences.”

Graeme Caplen, Executive Director of Entegy said: “Eventbrite understands just how pertinent technology is at the entry point of an event. However, what continues to emerge in the industry is the need for technology to power almost all other aspects of an event.  This seamless integration between Entegy and Eventbrite provides a powerful product suite for people looking to create and understand remarkable and memorable experiences.”